This website is a service of the Church of Christ Audio and Visual Aid (AVA) Committee. Here you can read and search the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible and the 1990 Independence Edition of The Book of Mormon.

About the 1990 Independence Edition of The Book of Mormon

This edition of the Book of Mormon was compiled by the Church of Christ and published in 1990. Most of the features of this edition (such as footnotes, cross references, and the preface) have been removed from this online version. Here you will be able to find the raw text divided into chapters, verses, and paragraphs. This edition of the Book of Mormon is protected by US and International Copyright Law. It was compared with the Printer's Manuscript, the 1830 Palmyra Edition, and the RLDS 1908 Authorized Edition. To learn more about the Church of Christ please visit the website here.

Published by
The Board of Publications
Church of Christ
(Headquarters, Temple Lot)
P.O. Box 472
Independence, MO 64051

Note: this is the first digital version of this edition of the Book of Mormon. As such it is a work in progress, if you spot any mistakes please submit them (book, chapter, and verse) via our feedback form.

About the KJV Bible

The KJV Bible, sometimes known as the Authorized King James Version, in an English translation of the Old and New Testements first published in 1611. You can find out more about this edition of the Bible here. The KJV Bible is considered public domain.

More about this Website

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